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The Integrated Solution is a powerful combination of any offerings, using our world-class LIMS as the base. Enhance your LIMS by adding an ELN to help enforce method execution and/or an SDMS to streamline data collection and document management. Advance operations with Advanced Analytics and Mobile capabilities. The choice is yours.

Why starlims?

From developing a new drug to providing accurate test results, our solutions transform laboratories in every industry and at every stage. The integrated solution simplifies the entire data management process, so you can focus on introducing high quality products to the market.


and integrate

Our comprehensive LIMS, ELN and SDMS suite of products, combined with analytical and mobile functions, eliminates the need to develop and manage costly and diverse laboratory interfaces from many suppliers.


and be up to date

All our solutions have data, business rules and a technological layer separated from each other. The STARLIMS technology platform can be independently updated without affecting the business part of the software.


laboratory development

Our products offer wide functionality just after installing the box version. Thanks to intuitive configuration tools and our dedicated support team, you can easily customize the solution to suit the unique procedures in your laboratory.

build your solutions

The integrated solution is a combination of products from our offer, using world class LIMS software as the heart of the system. Enrich the LIMS solution by adding ELN to follow the applicable procedures and / or SDMS to improve data collection and document management. Take advantage of advanced operations thanks to advanced Advanced Analytics functions and a mobile solution. The choice is yours!

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