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Research on products, raw materials and semi-finished products, brand research management

WebLabLims is:

Customer Panel, i.e. unattended registration of samples or quick reading of test results

All data and tools supporting compliance with quality control standards according to PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018-02, GLP and 21 CFR Part 11

Even hundreds of samples recorded with one click

Full access to all analytical data, specifications, comments throughout the entire process

Automatic control of results based on defined specifications

WebLabLims. Another dimension of the Laboratory.

Higher level of management. Web application.


250 mln+
zalogowanych badań
Wdrożeń systemu
obsługiwanych krajów
zintegrowanych typów urządzeń i systemów

Audit with LIMS

WebLabLims is invaluable support during the Laboratory audit. All data in one place, working together perfectly!

Integration with other systems

WebLabLims dzięki łatwości integracji z systemami typu ERP, SAP i innymi eliminuje potrzebę opracowywania i zarządzania kosztownymi i różnorodnymi interfejsami informatycznymi laboratorium od wielu dostawców.

Mobile version

WebLabLims is a system that works on all possible mobile devices and offers full flexibility of use!

Employee management

WebLabLims is a complete set of data about authorizations, delegated tasks, training and required certificates of Laboratory Technicians.

Sample circulation management

WebLabLims will always quickly indicate at what stage of testing the sample is or in which refrigerator it is waiting for testing.

Customer Portal

WebLabLims also facilitates the work of the Laboratory's clients when unattended sample registration or quick reading of test results is needed.


WebLabLims means efficient management of a portfolio of clients, offers and price lists.

Compliance with normative requirements

WebLabLims was created for all Laboratories that must meet the requirements of PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018-02, GLP or 21 CFR Part 11. Individual applications of the System allow you to manage data and authorizations in the manner described in the required quality assurance systems.

Automatic registration

WebLabLims cooperates with a laboratory that labels samples with barcodes. All you need is a scan of the code for the sample to be registered in the system.

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